Conquer Back or Knee Pain without Drugs or Surgery

We are excited to announce that the IUOE Local 4 Health & Welfare Plan (the “Plan”) is continuing to partner with Hinge Health to help you conquer back or knee pain. On average, participants cut their pain levels by 50%, which is why we’re pleased to announce that the Plan is continuing to partner with us! You can follow this link to learn more and apply.


Our programs are completely digital and all costs are covered by the Plan, so it’s completely free to you. Apply today to see if you qualify and you’ll receive:

·         A free tablet computer and wearable sensors

·         Unlimited access to your personal health coach

·         Exercise therapy tailored to your condition and schedule

It takes as little as 45 minutes per week, so don’t spend another year dealing with back or knee pain. Space is limited, so apply today!


If you have any questions about the program, please call (855) 902-2777.