Opioid abuse is rampant in the United States, where, on average, 130 people will die every day from an overdose.  Abuse issues are even more prevalent in the construction industry, where our members frequently suffer from musculoskeletal pain because of the very nature of their work.  Your Plan has already taken steps to combat this trend by reducing the number of opioid pills that may be dispensed per fill and by installing a stringent prior authorization process.  The Plan has also partnered with Modern Assistance Programs (MAP), which since January 1, 2018 has had oversight of inpatient substance abuse claims so that our members and their families receive one-on-one personal attention and close-to-home treatment at high quality facilities.

Local 4 is going one step further to ensure that our members and their families can get quick access to care at their time of greatest need.  Andy Franzen, an instructor at the Local 4 Training Center and a proud Local 4 member for over 20 years, has been trained to serve as a conduit between our members and their families and the higher level of care that is available at MAP.  Andy is a highly-respected member of the Local 4 community, and he is devoted to serving our members with the greatest degree of confidentiality and care.  Andy will have Narcan available if necessary, but our hope is that members and their families come to Andy before they have a life-or-death emergency, so that he can listen, provide support, and steer them in the right direction before they become one of that day’s 130 fatalities.  Andy has a strong working relationship with MAP and its great team of professionals and will work with MAP to ensure that his brothers and sisters in crisis get the highest level of care and attention.

Andy can be reached at 781-364-6322 or via email at

Substance abuse and mental health issues know no bounds, and the effect on a family is devastating.

Please reach out if you, your family member, or friend is struggling with substance abuse or mental health, as we care about your well-being above all else.

Message from Modern Assistance Programs:

With COVID-19 leading the news headlines it’s easy to underestimate the impact this has on the mental health of the workforce. The uncertainty of this outbreak has left many feeling an increase in anxiety and stress. The impacts of this have been felt in areas surrounding every aspect of everyday life, whether it be financial, childcare needs, or health concerns. Bars and restaurants are closed, travel has been limited, schools are closed and seemingly everyday life has been disrupted by this pandemic. With Mayor Walsh’s latest announcement that construction will come to a halt in Boston, more members will be out of work and subject to even more stress. That is why we want to ensure as little disruption as possible to the routine delivery of the services we provide to Local 4 members and dependents and ensure that they are aware that Modern Assistance is here to assist with all of their mental health needs now and throughout this difficult time.

Modern Assistance Programs will take the following steps to provide safe and effective care towards Local 4 members and dependents:

  1. Providing a telehealth or telephone option for all those seeking therapy so members can access counseling through the comfort and safety of their home. See attached flyer.
  2. Transitioning for the duration of this pandemic our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Early Recovery Groups (ERG) will be held virtually online.
  3. As many in-person AA groups have stopped meeting we will be offering daily virtual AA meetings on-line so members and the community can have the life-saving support AA provides for so many in recovery.

Click here for more information regarding the Virtual Counseling Program

Click here for tips for managing anxiety around COVID-19

Modern Assistance Programs, Inc. provides a full-range of services, including support for mental health, substance use, and work life balance. For 30 years Modern Assistance Programs, Inc. have been a leader in providing employee assistance and benefits management to construction and service sector trade unions, and private businesses, throughout New England.

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