For more than 25 years, Shields Health Care Group has offered affordable, accessible care coupled with top-quality treatment and diagnostic accuracy.

Their laser-focus on quality imaging and interpretation has made them the provider of choice for New England’s finest physicians and pro sports teams alike. Patients turn to Shields for cutting-edge technology that enables accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.


Shields High-value Imaging 

SHIELDS MRI AND PET WITH CT SCANS Did you know that if you need an MRI or PET with CT scan, you can save a lot of money by having the scan done at a Shields Health Care Group location? MRI and PET with CT scans performed at any Shields facility or at another Shields innetwork site will be paid by your Health Plan at 100% so that there is no cost to you. If you were to have the scan performed at the outpatient department of a hospital or out-of-network, you would incur 10% or 30% coinsurance after your calendar year deductible. 

With more than 30 imaging locations throughout New England, including both freestanding and some in-hospital locations, Shields provides top-quality care. If your physician orders an MRI or PET with CT scan and you would like to have it covered at 100%, please call Shields directly at 1-800-258-4674 to schedule your appointment. You must identify yourself as an IUOE Local 4 Health Plan member and provide your BCBSMA IUH ID number. 

For a list of Shields locations, visit www. Please refer to page 36 in your Summary Plan Description for more information about this benefit.